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Robust Regression Analysis for Clustered Interval-Censored Failure Time Data

LUO Lin · ZHAO Hui   

  1. LUO Lin
    School of Mathematics and Statistics, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, China.
    ZHAO Hui (Corresponding author)
    School of Statistics and Mathematics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan 430064, China.
  • Online:2021-06-25 Published:2021-03-11

LUO Lin · ZHAO Hui. Robust Regression Analysis for Clustered Interval-Censored Failure Time Data[J]. Journal of Systems Science and Complexity, 2021, 34(3): 1156-1174.

Clustered interval-censored failure time data often occur in a wide variety of research and application fields such as cancer and AIDS studies. For such data, the failure times of interest are interval-censored and may be correlated for subjects coming from the same cluster. This paper presents a robust semiparametric transformation mixed effect models to analyze such data and use a U-statistic based on rank correlation to estimate the unknown parameters. The large sample properties of the estimator are also established. In addition, the authors illustrate the performance of the proposed estimate with extensive simulations and two real data examples.

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