• Journal of Systems Science and Complexity
    Journal of Systems Science and Complexity (JSSC) is a bimonthly journal to publish high-quality original and innovative papers on theories, methodologies and
    applications of systems science and complexity science, as well as insightful survey papers.
    It aims to encourage fundamental research of complex systems and complexity, and cultivate cross-disciplinary approaches to help people to understand the common
    themes that arise in natural, artificial, and social systems. It covers related complexity issues that have been placed at the forefront of many different research fields in science, technology and humanities, such as systems and control, operational research and financial analysis, statistics and data science, information and computer mathematics, etc. Complex systems are especially emphasized.
    All related original contributions with rigorous justifications and timely expository papers are welcome from all over the world. The manuscripts should be prepared in
    accordance with the following instructions.

    Manuscript Submission
    Authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts in PDF or Postscript formats by electronic mail to the editorial office of JSSC: {} or submit them online on .

    Alternatively, hard copy submission in duplicate, with a cover letter indicating the name, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address of the corresponding
    author, may be sent to:
    The Editorial Office
    Journal of Systems Science and Complexity
    Institute of Systems Science
    Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
    55 Zhongguancundonglu, Beijing 100190
    P. R. China
    Manuscripts are received for review with the understanding that the same work has not been published and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere. .

    Manuscript Format
    The manuscript should be written in English with an informative abstract of no more than 200 words and 5 key words maximum.
    The manuscript should be concise and grammatically correct. It should be typed double-spaced on one side of A4 or 8 1/2 x 11" paper with good quality. Each paper requires an abbreviated title with no more than 40 English characters for the running head.
    Authors are requested to type all letters and mathematical symbols clearly. Papers should be typeset in LaTeX (or AMSTeX, TeX).

    References should be cited in the text with numerals in square brackets, e.g. [3]. All references should appear and be numbered in a separate bibliography at the end of
    the paper, e.g.,
    Wu W T, A mechanization method of geometry and its applications, distances, areas, and volumes, J. of Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences (in Chinese), 1986, 6(3): 204--216.
    Chen H F and Guo L, Identification and Stochastic Adaptive Control, Birkhauser, Boston, 1991.
    Liu S L, Wang S Y, and Lai K K, Multiple criteria decision making models for competitive bidding, in New Frontiers of Decision Making for the Information Technology Era (ed. by Y. Shi and M. Zeleny), World Scientific, Singapore, 2000, 349--372.

    Page Proofs
    Page proofs will be sent to the corresponding author. The proofs must be corrected and returned within three days of receipt otherwise publication may be delayed. Alteration to proofs other than correction of typesetting errors may be charged to the authors.
    English Language Editing
    For editors and reviewers to accurately assess the work presented in your manuscript you need to ensure the English language is of sufficient quality to be understood. If you need help with writing in English you should consider:
    · Asking a colleague who is a native English speaker to review your manuscript for clarity.
    · Visiting the English language tutorial which covers the common mistakes when writing in English.
    · Using a professional language editing service where editors will improve the English to ensure that your meaning is clear and identify problems that require your review. Two such services are provided by our affiliates Nature Research Editing Service and American Journal Experts.
    · English language tutorial
    · Nature Research Editing Service
    · American Journal Experts
    Please note that the use of a language editing service is not a requirement for publication in this journal and does not imply or guarantee that the article will be selected for peer review or accepted.
    If your manuscript is accepted it will be checked by our copyeditors for spelling and formal style before publication.

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