• Readers of Journal of Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences (JSSMS) are scientific researchers, teachers at colleges or universities, engineers and technicians who are engaged in the researches and applications of systems science and complexity science.

    Research Direction
    Systems Theory and Systems Control
    system science theory and method, complex systems and complex network theory and methods, the basic nature and evolution mechanism of the system, the complexity, adaptability and reliability of the system, system modeling, analysis and comprehensive integration, system simulation and evaluation, analysis and computer simulation of biological ecosystems, socio-economic systems, etc. 
    process and moving body control, network system and network control, nonlinear system control, random and uncertain system control, hybrid and multi-modal switching system control, time delay system control, distributed parameter system control, sampling and discrete system control, data and event-driven system control, hierarchical and distributed system control, quantum and micro-nano system control, biological ecosystem control, optimal control, navigation, guidance and measurement and control, adaptive and learning control, robust and predictive control, intelligent and Autonomous control, fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control, robot control, system identification and state estimation, pattern recognition and signal processing, computer-aided analysis and design of control systems
    System Engineering and Management
    management information system and decision support system, system optimization and scheduling, system reliability theory, financial engineering, risk analysis, management, decision model and theory, econometric model and economic analysis, forecast theory and method, game theory and conflict analysis, social economy system, industrial system, intelligent transportation system management and control, advanced manufacturing and product design, application research of operations research methods in economic and social systems
    Statistical Methods and Applications
    parameter estimation and hypothesis testing, linear and non-linear regression, statistical decision-making, multivariate analysis and machine learning, non-parametric and semi-parametric methods, time series analysis, experimental design and sampling survey, process statistics, socioeconomic statistics, industrial statistics, statistical calculation methods, financial mathematics and insurance actuarial science
    Information Processing and Computer Mathematics
    cryptography, automatic reasoning, machine proof, symbolic calculation,  numerical algebra, computer and communication network, genetic algorithm and evolutionary calculation

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